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People & History

eyeCon Vista Virtual Marketing Solutions Ltd was established in June 2002 in the village of Ardvasar, Sleat on the Isle of Skye. The company was borne from a hobby producing scenic panoramic photographs for display on a computer. It was quickly realised however that the techniques and practices were highly transferable to a range of different business sectors.

Panoramic photography and virtual tours have been in existence for several years with a number of companies developing software packages to assist in the creation of fully spherical images. We have spent time assessing existing software and developing new software to assist in the creation of virtual tours at a competitive price. Much of the credit however has to be directed toward Prof Dersch for his development of PTViewer and PanoTools which is at the heart of the eyeCon Vista business.

The company is owned and run by Dr Rob Mollan and Dr Emily Mollan. Both have had considerable experience in a variety of different business sectors. After completing his PhD in medicine (The role of nitric oxide in myogenesis), Dr Rob Mollan had spent seven years in commercialisation of technology at the Rowett Research Institute and Scottish Agricultural College. He therefore has extensive experience in business development, intellectual property rights and technology audits. Many of which skills he applies to the creation of effective marketing web sites.

Dr Emily Mollan spent several years after her PhD in Diabetes research researching factors that cause oversize calf syndrome. Since becoming a mum she spent more time on charitable work with the Birth Resource Centre and developing the eyeCon Vista business

The company is keen to ensure that businesses within Scotland and particularly the Highlands and Islands can access the technology to promote their own products. This is especially true in an area which is very much dependent on tourism. It is to this end we are developing the business in an attempt to provide cutting edge marketing technologies at a price which all can afford.