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Virtual Tour of York Minster

The above virtual tour allows the viewer to explore York Minster and the surrounding area. Each scene is linked via hotspots. This tour also incorporates the use of high-resolution images to improve quality when the viewer zooms to look at small / distant objects. Click on the 'zoom' button when it is shown on the window.

This virtual tour also utilised animation at the start of several scenes to produce a 'fly-by' effect - useful if you want to ensure the viewer sees a feature within the tour.


  • Please allow approx. 20sec to download the initial scene.  After the scene has downloaded several zoomable images will be downloaded in the background. Once this has occurred an icon will be highlighted within the scene window allowing you to zoom into 2 regions of interest by clicking on the zoom image number.

  • To highlight hotspots to other linking scenes click on the hand icon to highlight red hotspots. Click on desired hotspot within the scene.

  • The play icon in the control panel will initiate automatic panning around the scene. To stop press the square icon.

  • To zoom in and out of the scene either use the + and - icons or press + or - on the keyboard.

  • To manually move around the scene click on the image and drag in the desired direction.

  • Click on the ? icon for further information